Study guide's Doctoral Programme in Law, 2018-19 information (E)

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Doctoral Programme of Law

Graduates from the Doctoral Programme in Law conduct research or perform other significant expert duties requiring an in-depth understanding of justice and excellent skills in legal interpretation, application, argumentation and problem-solving.


The structure of the Doctoral Programme of Law starting 1 August 2017:



General studies in Law, 15 cr

Thematic studies in Law, 15 cr

General skills, 10 cr (including studies from at least two categories: pedagogical skills, digital technology skills, communication and interaction skills, project management skills, cooperation with employers and entrepreneurial skills, self-regulation skills)

Doctoral school of HYMY has listed courses applicable directly to general skills.


Previous degree requirements, transition rules to the new structure, and how already completed studies compensate the present curriculum are presented on the Flamma-site of new degree curriculum of the Faculty of Law.