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Doctoral Programme in Computer Science

The general theme of the DoCS doctoral programme is computer science. The focal areas of DoCS are Algorithmic bioinformatics; Algorithms, data analytics, and machine learning; Data Science; Networks and services; and Software systems. The DoCS programme collaborates actively with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, EIT Digital, and computer science related departments at Aalto University. With the Aalto University, the collaboration is done, for example, via the joint doctoral education network,  Helsinki Doctoral Education Network in Information and Communications Technology (HICT). DoCS is also participates in the national and the EIT Digital Doctoral School.

The DoCS programme organises for its doctoral candidates an annual PhD seminar and other events. The programme does not provide any regular courses outside the study programme of the Department of Computer Science, but it can organise intensive courses, seminars and guest lectures that are typically held by international quests. The DoCS programme also takes part in arrangements of different workshops and summer schools together with its co-operation networks and other actors in the area of interest. All doctoral students are encouraged to make research visits and participate in international summer and winter schools as well as workshops and conferences both in Finland and abroad.

Most of the doctoral candidates in the programme work during their studies and research work in research groups at the department. It is also possible to carry out the studies and the thesis work alongside a research and development job at an IT company or research institution. 

A doctoral degree consists of a doctoral dissertation and 40 credits of obligatory studies that support the research work. Compulsory studies are divided into discipline-specific studies (30 ects) and transferable skills studies (10 ects).

A more detailed description of the degree requirements can be found under Structure of degree.

All studies must be completed before leaving the dissertation for preliminary examination.

More information about doctoral studies on the Instructions for students web pages: