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Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (DPBM)


Please see rules for transition from the degree requirements of 2014–2017 to the curriculum of 2017–2020.


At the beginning of 2014 the University of Helsinki introduced a new doctoral education system consisting of four doctoral schools. Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (DPBM) is one of the eight doctoral programmes of the Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth). 

DPBM is a broad, international doctoral program that organizes training in the fields of biomedicine and translational and molecular medicine. 

The aim of DPBM is to train internationally competent experts with excellent skills to continue research or work in other demanding expert positions of the public or private sectors. 

Each doctoral candidate has a primary research mentor, who supervises and guides their project and progress. Furthermore, a carefully selected thesis committee follows and supports the progress of each doctoral candidate. The goal is to complete the doctoral degree requirements of a University of Helsinki faculty within a four-year period and graduate as a well-trained and well-positioned expert.

Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates have the opportunity to participate in an excellent research training program including basic and advanced courses in biomedical research offered locally, nationally,  and internationally. The course offerings include an extensive variety of practical training courses, seminar series and scientific symposia. Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates may also participate in all courses that are arranged by DSHealth, in areas including transferable skills, and by other doctoral programs in the school.

By joining the combined Student Council of the Doctoral Programmes in Biomedicine and Clinical Research, doctoral candidates can also participate in organizing symposia and other activities.
The Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine operates within DSHealth in the highly international research environments of the Meilahti and Viikki campuses of the University of Helsinki, offering excellent research and training facilities, high quality infrastructure, and extensive networks and collaborations.  

With more than 250 current doctoral candidates, the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine hosts nearly 20% of the students in DSHealth and about 35-45% of the doctoral dissertations in the Faculty of Medicine. Boasting more than 20 nationalities in the programme, the official language of the program is English.