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This guide contains, under their respective tabs, language-specific information on the course descriptions, teaching groups, and exams offered by the Language Centre.

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Language Centre courses suitable for non-Finnish speakers 2018-2019

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991062 Intermediate Arabic 2 (2 cr)



991061 Intermediate Arabic 1 (3 cr)

991060 Arabic for beginners 2 (3 cr)



991050 Arabic for beginners 1 - The Arabic alphabet: speak, read and write (2 cr)

NB! The Open University will arrange Arabic for beginners 1 -course in spring 2018. There are five places available for the UH students. The course is free of charge. More information: see the link above. 




Substitution of studies in the first foreign language

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the beginning skill level for the first foreign language required for a degree must be B2 in English, and B1 in other languages. Language skills required for a degree may be demonstrated by taking a substitute examination.  For Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Estonian, the student must first verify that his or her faculty will accept one of these languages as the first foreign language in a degree.

Foreign language studies: Arabic (4 cr)