Etusivu Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

Courses in English for exchange students in Viikki Campus

This Study Guide lists courses taught in English in Viikki Campus that exchange students can choose during the academic year 2018-2019. All the courses are listed under the tab "study unit" and teaching under the tab Teaching. Students are required to register to all courses.

Please note that most of the courses in English are advanced level courses (MSc level), they might also have certain prerequisites, i.e. your previous studies need to provide relevant background for successful completion of the courses. Before the enrollment to the course, please check the prerequisites that are marked in the course description under “Preceding studies” or “Relations to other study units”.

In this study guide you can find courses from the following programmes:


Usually exchange students have unrestricted access to lecture courses in English, but restrictions may apply for laboratory courses and seminars. Please read carefully the information of each course you plan to take (language of instruction, target group, course content, timing, preceding studies, additional information etc.).

Also it should be noted that it is not possible to register for courses before one has arrived in Helsinki and before one has personally picked up identifier and password to use the university computer system (more information available during the orientation course).

Finnish Language Courses for international students are organized by the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies. Course information, schedules and registration details are available at: .

For course specific information or content related questions regarding courses, please contact the responsible teacher in question.