Study guide's Master's Programme in Global Politics and Communication, 2020-21, 2020-21 information (E)

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General criteria for attending GPC courses:
1. Students of the track in question in the GPC programme
2. Students of other tracks in the GPC programme
3. Exchange students of the GPC programme
4. Master's level students of other programmes at the Faculty of Social Sciences (provided that previous studies are sufficient for the course)
5. Students (incl. exchange students) of other programmes at the University (provided that previous studies are sufficient for the course)

For more specific information on criteria for attending courses, please see information on target groups in the descriptions for each study unit. For units organized in cooperation with other degree programmes, the specific target groups defined in the description of the unit takes priority over the general criteria.

Instruction in the
Expand 2020-2021, 1. period
Expand 2020-2021, 2. period
Expand 2020-2021, 3. period
Expand 2020-2021, 4. period
Expand 2020-2021, Summer