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Please note that the final information about teaching is not available yet. It will be updated during the summer/fall.


Assessment is based on written or oral exams, and evaluating independent work such as essays, reports or lecture diaries, oral presentations and practical work. Assessment practices may vary between different courses based on the learning objectives, and the criteria will be available by the beginning of each course. The grading scale can be pass/fail or 0-5. Study modules are graded as pass/fail and doctoral thesis as pass/fail or passed with distinction.


The Brain & Mind doctoral programme collects feedback from all organised courses and events. Along with the coordinator, the responsible course/event teachers then look through the feedback and make any necessary changes to teaching methods, subjects and the teaching curriculum as a whole. Systematic feedback from both doctoral candidates and supervisors is gained during the yearly thesis advisory committee meetings and their electronic submission forms, which are regularly processed by the coordinator and discussed by the Board of the Programme.

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