Teoreettisten ja laskennallisten menetelmien maist, 2017-18

Etusivu Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot

Master's Programme in Theoretical and Computational Methods - Teaching programme for academic year 2017-2018

  Course catalogues for academic year 2018-2019 will be published in June 2018.

The Master’s programme in Theoretical and Computational Methods comprises 120 credits (ECTS) and it is possible to complete the degree in two academic years. The degree includes:

Your studies will include a personal study plan, working-life orientation, and career planning. The other studies could also include a traineeship, complementary courses in your major or minor subject, or a completely new minor subject.

This Master’s programme does not have any study track; instead, you can tailor a suitable combination according to your plans and existing knowledge from the modules in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science. Your personal study plan will ensure that your courses will form a functional combination.



If you are transfering from the old degree structure to this new Master's Programme, you may find the correspondence table here.


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