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FYS2019 Quantum Statistics, 5 cr 
Code FYS2019  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Quantum Statistics  Abbreviation Quantum Statist 
Scope5 cr   
TypeIntermediate studies
  GradingGeneral scale 
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Bachelor's Programme in Physical Sciences 

Learning outcomes 

A student, who has successfully passed the course, will be able to address statistical physics problems in quantum mechanical systems, and understands when and where quantum effects become relevant. The student masters quantum mechanical ensemble theory, understands the concept of quantum mechanical phase space, is able to derive the Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics, and has learned the most important statistical properties of bosonic and fermionic systems.


Prerequisite courses include Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics I, as well as Mathematical Methods for Physics I and II.

Relations to other study units 

The topics taught on Quantum Mechanics II efficiently support the Quantum Statistics course, and it is recommendable to take this course alongside Quantum Statistics. Quantum Field Theories is a good follow-up course.


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cancelled Quantum Statistics  General Examination  Ganapati Sahoo 
05.06.20fri 10.00-14.00
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