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71559 Ethnicity, Representation and the Media, 5 sp 
Kod 71559  Giltighet 01.01.1900 -
Namn Ethnicity, Representation and the Media  Förkortning Ethnicity, Repr 
Omfattning5 sp   
  BedömningAllmän skala 
    Kan genomföras flera gångernej
Ansvarig enhet Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan 

Charles Husband 


Max 25 participants. This course is intended for bachelor students in social sciences.



It will provide an introduction to issues of ethnic identity and the negotiation of diversity in multiethnic societies. In particular it will explore the role of the media in impacting upon personal identities and framing the politics of diversity in contemporary societies. Drawing upon mass communication research, cultural studies and social psychology the course will examine the means whereby the mass media may be partisan and biased in their representation of ethnic identities. It will also explore the challenges facing journalists and media workers who have an ethnic minority identity. Descriptive case studies of the ways in which the media may stereotype particular individuals and communities will be explored in relation to the routine practices of media production. In a comparable way the role of the media in framing events and providing a taken-for-granted understanding of ethnic relations will be explored.

Studiematerial och litteratur 

Recommended background reading:

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2.  Cottle,C (2000). Ethnic minorities and the Media. Buckingham: Open University Press.

3.  EUMC (2002) Racism and Cultural Diversity in the Mass Media. Vienna: European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

4.  Georgiou, M (2006)  Diaspora, Identity and the Media. Cresskill New Jersey  The Hampton Press

5).  Bailey, O.G. et al ( 2007)  Transnational Lives and the Media Basingstole Palgrave

6.  Cottle, S. (1997) Television and Ethnic Minorities: Producers' Perspectives. Aldershot: Avebury

7.  Browne, D.R. (2005) Ethnic Minorities, Electronic Media and the Public Sphere. Cresskill NJ: Hampton Press

8. Chritcher, C. ( 2006)  Moral Panics and the Media Maidenhead  Open University Press

9. Husband, C and Alam, Y (2011)  Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism: A contradiction? Bristol Policy Press

10.  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Vol. 31, No. 3 May 2005 special issue: ‘Media and Minorities in Multicultural Europe'. 


Course participants are examined on the basis of lecture participation, set work and an essay. 

Ansvarig person 

Charles Husband, Professor (University of Bradford).


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