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KK-RAN205 Revise and communicate in French (CEFR A2), 3 cr 
Code KK-RAN205  Validity 01.08.2019 -
Name Revise and communicate in French (CEFR A2)  Abbreviation Revise and comm 
Scope3 cr   
TypeLanguage studies
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Language Centre 

Target group 

Students of all faculties, students in the flexible study rights scheme (JOO), international students.

The course is suitable, e.g., for refreshers of French, outgoing exchange students and students who wish to improve their oral skills in particular.

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, students can express their opinions and discuss various topics on a general level.

Completion methods 
  • The course includes 38–42 hours of contact teaching and 38–42 hours of other learning methods.
  • Diverse study methods are utilised in contact teaching. A great deal of discussion exercises in small groups.
  • Compulsory attendance in contact teaching (75%). Completion of agreed assignments in time.

Starting level: CEFR A2 (pdf)

Intermediate French 1 and 2, or three years of studies in upper secondary school.

If you are unsure about your skills level before registering, contact the course teacher or teacher tutor during their office hours, or Language Centre Academic Affairs.


Besides contact teaching, the course also includes activities outside the classroom.

Study materials and literature 

Material provided by the teacher, the Internet.

Assessment practices and criteria 

Continuous evaluation: regular participation in classroom work, completion of the assignments. No final examination.


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