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KK-RAN102 French for Beginners 2 b (CEFR A1), 2 cr 
Code KK-RAN102  Validity 01.01.2020 -
Name French for Beginners 2 b (CEFR A1)  Abbreviation French for Begi 
Scope2 cr   
TypeLanguage studies
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Language Centre 

Target group 

Students of all faculties, students with a JOO flexible study right


Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, students will

  • Be able to use French in uncomplicated everyday situations, including the writing of simple messages
  • Be able to express themselves in the past (e.g., passé composé) and future tense, both orally and in writing
  • Have familiarised themselves with manifestations of French culture and be proficient in, for example, using the most common courtesy phrases
  • Be able to understand straightforward speech

French for Beginners 1a+b and 2a+b are based on the same textbook and form an integrated syllabus.

Completion methods 

The course can be completed by attending 28 hours of contact teaching and completing 24 hours of independent study.


Starting level: CEFR A1 (PDF).

French for Beginners 2a

If you are unsure of your skill level, you can take an automated placement test: Before registration, you can also, for example, familiarise yourself with the course materials to compare them with your personal skill level or contact the course coordinator or teacher tutor during their office hours, or Student Services at the Language Centre.



Key topics and language use situations include leisure time activities, weather, expressing wishes and opinions, describing one’s surroundings and other people, and visiting a restaurant.

Key constructs (French for Beginners 2a+b):
• Imperative verb forms, passé composé, the past tense, the future tense
• Adverbial and object pronouns
• Partitive article
• Interrogative clauses

Assignments on constructs, vocabulary and listening comprehension, oral exercises in pairs as well as home assignments and essays, online assignments

Study materials and literature 

Book version:

Hirschprung, Nathalie and Tricot, Tony: Cosmopolite 1 Méthode de français Niveau A1, Hachette 2017 (latter half)

Mater and Mathieu-Benoit: Cosmopolite 1 Cahier d’activités, Hachette 2017

The book includes a DVD-ROM, which contains, among other things, recordings for the dialogues found in the textbook and video features, while the workbook includes a CD.


Digital version: Textbook and workbook, chapter recordings and video features. The product is in the form of a card, obtainable from bookstores, which contains a code for the digital version.

A chapter-specific glossary (French-Finnish-English) and Finnish-language grammar presentations are available in Moodle to supplement both material options.

Assessment practices and criteria 

Based on the learning outcomes. Continuous assessment: Small mid-course examinations or a final examination, depending on the group, regular attendance in contact teaching (75%) and completion of course assignments within given guidelines.

Relations to other study units 

The course is preceded by French for Beginners 2a.

The new courses KK-RAN101 and KK-RAN102 together correspond with the old course 992160.


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has ended French for beginners 2 b (CEFR A1), period II  Course  Anne Riippa  26.10.20 -09.12.20
registration period has not begun French for beginners 2 b (CEFR A1), period IV  Course  Frederic Nozais  15.03.21 -03.05.21

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