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KK-SAK208 Intermediate German 1 + 2, intensive course (CEFR A2), 6 cr 
Code KK-SAK208  Validity 01.08.2019 -
Name Intermediate German 1 + 2, intensive course (CEFR A2)  Abbreviation Intermediate Ge 
Scope6 cr   
TypeLanguage studies
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Language Centre 

Target group 

Students of all faculties, students with a JOO flexible study right, international students

Learning outcomes 

The course expands and deepens language skills in a varied manner.

After completing the course, students will be able to
•    understand clear everyday speech and the central content of fairly easy texts, such as notifications and short news stories
•    produce coherent text and talk about familiar everyday topics
•    express their opinion on topics close to their personal sphere
•    keep up uncomplicated conversation by using phrases and routine expressions
•    identify differences and similarities between their own culture and that of German-speaking countries

Completion methods 

The course includes 72 hours of contact teaching and 90 hours of independent work. Minimum attendance 75 %.


Initial level CEFR A2 (pdf).

German for beginners 1 and 2 at the Language Centre or, for example, corresponding courses completed during upper secondary education.


Themes include everyday situations, working life, multiculturalism, wellbeing, Berlin and familiarity with German-speaking countries.

As regards grammar, the course focuses, for example, on reflexive verbs, using the “zu” particle, subordinate clauses, past tense, adjective declination, ordinal numbers and, when necessary, refreshers on prior grammar themes. During the course, students will practise everyday communication in small groups and pairs. Listening, reading, grammatical constructs and writing exercises.

Study materials and literature 

Material compiled by the teacher and Moodle-platform.

Assessment practices and criteria 

Pass / fail

Based on the learning outcomes. Regular and active classroom attendance, written assignments submitted to the teacher. 


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has not begun Intermediate German 1 + 2, intensive course (CEFR A2), III-IV period  Course  Nina Dannert  19.01.21 -06.05.21

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