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KK-VEN201 Intermediate Russian 2 (CEFR A2), 4 cr 
Code KK-VEN201  Validity 01.08.2019 -
Name Intermediate Russian 2 (CEFR A2)  Abbreviation Intermediate Ru 
Scope4 cr   
TypeLanguage studies
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Language Centre 

Target group 

Students of all faculties, students with a JOO flexible study right, international students

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, students will be able to

  • Communicate orally and in written form in various situations of everyday and professional life
  • Understand the main points of non-technical oral and written content
  • Express meaning, give instructions and advice, express time both accurately and approximately, as well as describe movement in a versatile manner
Completion methods 

Depending on the group, one of the following:

  • A course that includes 52 hours of contact teaching and 56 hours of independent study, active participation (attendance at least 75%) and the completion of agreed assignments within given guidelines, or
  • A course implemented as blended learning that includes 42 hours of contact teaching and 66 hours of other study, for example, in the online environment of the course, active participation (attendance at least 90%) and the completion of agreed assignments in time

Starting level CEFR A2, Intermediate Russian 1 or corresponding studies, approximately 12 cr             

If unsure of your skill level or the completion method best suited to you, please contact the course coordinator or Russian teacher tutor during their office hours before registration.

  • Literature and reading, discussing everyday routines and housework, staying in a hotel, moving about town, food and lifestyle, weather and environmental protection, family and personal relationships, business meetings and official communications.
  • Vocabulary and constructs related to the above topics, including describing movement (motion verbs), requests (imperatives) and various expressions of time (approximate and accurate time, year)

    The course trains students in all areas of language skills.
Study materials and literature 

Alestalo and Malmberg: Kafe Piter 2 (selected sections of chapters 9–16), Finn Lectura, other audio and video material, online material

Assessment practices and criteria 


Oral and written learning assignments and examinations based on the learning outcomes: the course includes a mid-course and final examination as well as various assignments completed in the online learning environment, particularly in the blended learning option.


Current and future instruction
Functions Name Type cr Teacher Schedule
registration period has ended Intermediate Russian 2 (CEFR A2), I-II period  Lecture Course  Heidi Mäkäläinen  02.09.20 -02.12.20
registration period has not begun Intermediate Russian 2 (CEFR A2), III-IV period  Course  Heidi Mäkäläinen  18.01.21 -29.04.21

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