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KK-VEN001 Get Started Learning Russian Language - Online Course, 1 cr 
Code KK-VEN001  Validity 01.01.2020 -
Name Get Started Learning Russian Language - Online Course  Abbreviation Get Started Lea 
Scope1 cr   
TypeLanguage studies
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Language Centre 

Target group 

Students of all faculties, students with a JOO flexible study right, international students

Learning outcomes 

After completing the course, students will be able to read uncomplicated texts in Russian, such as street signs and menus, apply the most important rules of Russian pronunciation, write their names using the Russian alphabet, use certain key courtesy phrases and, for example, the most common numerals.

Completion methods 

25 hours of online study, a 2-hour online examination


No prerequisites. The course is also suited to reviewing the Russian alphabet.

  • The Russian alphabet, including recognising written characters
  • Writing foreign names using the Russian alphabet
  • Greetings, goodbyes, other key expressions, including names of places and basic numerals
  • Introductions
  • Basic knowledge of the Russian language
Study materials and literature 

Online material

Assessment practices and criteria 


Assessment is based on an online examination whose questions are based on reading the Russian alphabet, pronunciation and key expressions. The examination can be taken after completing the other online assignments of the course. Within the course framework, students can proceed at their own pace.

Relations to other study units 

The course can only be completed before other courses in Russian.  


Current and future instruction
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registration period has ended Get Started Learning Russian Language - Online Course  Online Course    26.10.20 -11.12.20

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