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RUS-303 Processes and Flows, 5 op 
Tunniste RUS-303  Voimassaolo 01.01.2017 -
Nimi Processes and Flows  Lyhenne Process Flows 
Laajuus5 op   
OpiskelumuotoSyventävät opinnot
  ArvosteluYleinen asteikko 
    Voidaan suorittaa useastiei
Vastuuyksikkö Venäjän tutkimuksen maisteriohjelma 

Kohderyhmä  Compulsory for students in Russian Studies Master´s programme. Offered as optional for all students of the University of Helsinki. 
Ajoitus  First year/period II. 
Osaamistavoitteet  Student identifies global transnational flows that defines Russia in global context. Russia’s pivotal role in some of the natural resource flows, such as oil and gas, is globally contextualized but also the role of Russia as an ecological space affecting global biodiversity and climate. Student recognizes the major theories/approaches and their origins on social mobilization, social movements and civil societies. Student is able to define the key concepts and illustrate how those are typically applied in the civil society/movement literature. Student identifies the issues that tend to mobilize people globally and transnationally and give examples of the ideas/ideologies that travel globally. Student is able to demonstrate the application of some global ideas in the Russian context.  
Toteutus  Contact teaching. Compulsory attendance during the entire course. 
Edeltävät opinnot tai edeltävä osaaminen  Orientation to Russian Studies and Methods and Theories for students in Russian Studies Master´s programme. 
Sisältö  This course focuses on “what?” questions, i.e. what global transnational flows and mobilities (of information, people, resources, environmental externalities) are defining Russia’s position vis-á-vis global material and immaterial realities. 
Oppimateriaali ja kirjallisuus  List of required literature can be given in advance. Literature and other materials can be delivered in the course. 
Oppimista tukevat aktiviteetit ja opetusmenetelmät  The course will be based on lectures and/or group work. The group work can be organised on the basis of problem-based learning. 
Arviointimenetelmät ja -kriteerit  The assessment of the course is based on participation and/or producing essay(s) and/or learning diary and/or group works. The grading of the course is 0-5. 

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ilmoittautumisaika ei ole alkanut Processes and Flows: Global Processes and Flows in Russia  Luentokurssi  Anna-Liisa Heusala 
30.09.19 -14.10.19 ma 14.15-15.45
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