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AGERE-E06 Economics of Aquatic Resources: Numerical Models, 5 sp 
Kod AGERE-E06  Giltighet 01.01.2017 -
Namn Economics of Aquatic Resources: Numerical Models  Förkortning Economics of Aq 
Omfattning5 sp   
UndervisningsformFördjupade studier
  BedömningAllmän skala 
    Kan genomföras flera gångernej
Ansvarig enhet Magisterprogrammet i lantbruks-, miljö- och naturresursekonomi 

Kari Hyytiäinen 
Marko Lindroos 
Erika Uusivuori 


Period IV, every year

Recommended during the first year of Master Studies

  • Understanding the potential of modelling and numerical analysis in planning, implementation and evaluation of water protection efforts and projects
  • Learn the skills needed to formulate and solve bio-economic problem formulations including static and dynamic problems and deterministic and stochastic problems.
Studieavsnittets form 

Contact teaching in computer class. Assignments given during class and term paper using the methods to a selected problem.

Tidigare studier eller kunskaper 

Description of the courses or modules that must be completed before taking this course or what other prior learning is required


Matlab programming language is used to formulate and solve a number of case study problem formulations. The case study examples include combatting eutrophication (i.e. reduction of the nutrients loads to the inland waters and the Baltic Sea) and fisheries management. The techniques and methods studied include static optimization (both unconstrained and constrained), dynamic discrete-time optimization, cohort models, game theoretic applications, Monte Carlo simulation, data fitting, dynamic programming, cost-effectiveness analysis and cost benefit analysis.

Studiematerial och litteratur 

Conrad, J. 2010 Resource Economics. Second edition.

Aktiviteter och undervisningsmetoder som stöder lärandet 

The course includes e.g. independent working and group working in the computer class.

Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier 

Grading 1-5. Assignments 60 %, Term paper 40 %.

Förbindelser med andra studieperioder 

Replaces the former course 863011 YLE16 Numerical models in environmental and resource economics 5 cr.

Ansvarig person 

Kari Hyytiäinen, Marko Lindroos, Erika Uusivuori


Suitable for exchange students


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anmälningstiden avslutad Economics of Aquatic Resources: Numerical Models  Föreläsningskurs  Kari Hyytiäinen,
Marko Lindroos,
Erika Uusivuori 
02.02.21 -20.04.21

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