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AGERE-003 Economic valuation methods, 5 sp 
Kod AGERE-003  Giltighet 01.01.2017 -
Namn Economic valuation methods  Förkortning Economic valuat 
Omfattning5 sp   
  BedömningAllmän skala 
    Kan genomföras flera gångernej
Ansvarig enhet Magisterprogrammet i lantbruks-, miljö- och naturresursekonomi 

Anna-Kaisa Kosenius 


Open to all students of the University of Helsinki and exchange students. 


Period II, recommended during the first or second year of Master studies. Even years starting 2018: Contact teaching. Odd years starting 2019: No contact teaching, exam.



Learning aims are: the theoretical framework of economic valuation of environmental benefits,  the application of selected non-market valuation methods and data analysis techniques. 

Studieavsnittets form 

Even years: The methods of completion include the pre-test (independent work), the preparation tasks for contact lectures (independent work), group assignments on data analysis and recent scientific articles, evaluation of group work, course feedback, and participating in interactive activities (e.g. discussions and exercises) during lectures. The attendance of 80% is required. Odd years: exam based on course book.


Tidigare studier eller kunskaper 

Intermediate microeconomics, basic econometrics

Rekommenderade valfria studier 

E.g. Cost-benefit analysis AGERE-002 and ecological-economic modelling courses support the further development of the competence provided.


Theoretical basis of economic valuation of environmental benefits, non-market valuation methods, analysis of empirical valuation data (only even years when contact teaching).

Studiematerial och litteratur 

1) Textbook: Champ, Boyle & Brown (2017) A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation. 2nd edition. Available as e-book via https://helka.finna.fi/Search/Advanced  

2) Other material: peer-reviewed articles, data sets and other material in Moodle.

Aktiviteter och undervisningsmetoder som stöder lärandet 

Even years: The course follows the flipped learning approach. The learning assignments (individual work) based on peer-reviewed articles or textbook chapters, or exercises (group-work) are to be submitted before the contact teaching. The contact teaching consists of theory lectures, exercises, case study presentations, data analysis (group work), and seminars (group work) on recent scientific literature. Odd years: course book.

Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier 

Grading 1-5. Even years: The assessment is based on pre-test and other independent work (50%) and group exercises (50%). Course feedback and evaluation of group work are also required for grading. Odd years: Exam (100%).

Övrig information 

Teaching language is English.

Förbindelser med andra studieperioder 

Replaces the former course 83049 YLE22.3 Valuation of environmental benefits 4 cr.

Ansvarig person 

Anna-Kaisa Kosenius


Suitable for exchange students


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