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LDA-T3113 Kieliteknologian ajankohtaisia kysymyksiä, 5 op 
Tunniste LDA-T3113  Voimassaolo 01.01.2017 -
Nimi Kieliteknologian ajankohtaisia kysymyksiä  Lyhenne Kieliteknologia 
Laajuus5 op   
OpiskelumuotoSyventävät opinnot
  ArvosteluYleinen asteikko 
    Voidaan suorittaa useastiei
Vastuuyksikkö Kielellisen diversiteetin ja digitaalisten menetelmien maisteriohjelma 

Jörg Tiedemann 


The course belongs to the MA Programme Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age

  • study track: language technology
  • modules: Studies in Language Technology (LDA-T3100), Essentials in Language Technology (LDA-TA500), Comprehensive specialization in Language Technology (LDA-TB500)

This is an optional course.

The course is available to students from other study tracks and degree programmes.






The course is recommended after the basic studies when taken within the study track in language technology. The course is not regularly offered but depends on availability of teachers and demand for specific topics.


After successfully completing the course, you are able to:

  • explain the main approaches in the field of the topics covered by the course
  • critically review relevant literature with respect to the topics covered by the course
  • solve practical assignments in connection with the topics of the course.

The course may include lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials. The course may be given as a distant course or a mix of contact teaching and on-line sessions. The requirements in terms of attendance and assignments will be discussed at the beginning of the course. The course may include practical assignments, individual or group projects, literature review assignments, written or oral exams.

Edeltävät opinnot tai edeltävä osaaminen 
  • Programming for linguists or equivalent (BA level)
  • Mathematics for linguists or equivalent (BA level)
  • Machine learning for linguists or equivalent (BA level)
Suositeltavat valinnaiset opinnot 
  • Linguistics in the digital age (MA level)
  • Computational Morphology (MA level)
  • Computational Syntax (MA level)
  • Computational Semantics (MA level)

The course presents essential concepts and approaches of the selected topics. It reviews relevant literature and provides information on the use of the models and algorithms in the field of modern language technology and computational linguistics.

Oppimateriaali ja kirjallisuus 

Required and recommended literature is given at the start of the course.

Oppimista tukevat aktiviteetit ja opetusmenetelmät 

 The course may include lectures, seminars, workshops and tutorials.

Arviointimenetelmät ja -kriteerit 

Grading follows the standard scale 0 – 5.

The following aspects are taken into account in grading

  • Performance and activity in the course
  • Quality of the assignments, presentations or other examination events.

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