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LDA-TA500 Språkteknologi, studiehelhet, 15 sp 
Kod LDA-TA500  Giltighet 01.01.2017 -
Namn Språkteknologi, studiehelhet  Förkortning Språkteknologi, 
Omfattning15 sp   
UndervisningsformFördjupade studier
  BedömningAllmän skala 
Ansvarig enhet Magisterprogrammet i språklig diversitet och digital humaniora 

Jörg Tiedemann 




It is recommended to start the module in the second semester and finish at the end of the masters programme in year 2 (semester 4). Courses in this module will be offered during spring and autumn in year 1 and 2 of the master's programme.


The aim of the module is to gain understanding of the foundations and current state of research in language technology as well as the necessary skills to design and conduct research in the field of computational linguistics and language technology.

Upon successful completion of the module, students will have the following competences:

  • Carry out research in language technology by use of experimentally oriented methods;
  • Be able to critically assess the latest literature in language technology.

LDA-TA500 Språkteknologi, studiehelhet 15 sp

Take two (2) of the following courses, in total 10 credits (2 x 5 cr)

  • LDA-T302 Computational morphology, 5 cr
  • LDA-T303 Computational syntax, 5 cr
  • LDA-T304 Computational semantics, 5 cr
  • LDA-T305 Models and algorithms in NLP applications, 5 cr
  • LDA-T306 Machine Translation, 5 cr
  • LDA-T307 Approaches to Natural Language Understanding, 5 cr
  • LDA-T308 Introduction to deep learning, 5 cr
  • LDA-T501 Introduction to NLP, 5 cr                                                  

Take one (1) of the following courses, 5 credits

  • LDA-T312 Current topics in language technology, 5 cr
  • LDA-T313 Current topics in language technology II, 5 cr
  • LDA-T314 Current topics in language technology III, 5 cr
Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier 

The grade is the average of the individual courses that constitute the module


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