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LDA-T3104 Seminarium i språkteknologi, 5 sp 
Kod LDA-T3104  Giltighet 01.01.2017 -
Namn Seminarium i språkteknologi  Förkortning Seminarium i sp 
Omfattning5 sp   
UndervisningsformFördjupade studier
  BedömningAllmän skala 
    Kan genomföras flera gångernej
Ansvarig enhet Magisterprogrammet i språklig diversitet och digitala metoder 

Jörg Tiedemann 


The course belongs to the MA Programme Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age

  • study track: language technology
  • modules: Studies in Language Technology (LDA-T3100)

This is a compulsory course.

The course is not available to students from other study tracks and degree programmes.



It is recommended to take this course in year 2, semester 4 (spring term). The seminar is offered once every year during the spring term in periods III and IV.


After successfully completing the seminar, you are able to

  • design, plan and coordinate an individual research projects with clearly identified research questions
  • search for relevant background literature
  • critically review and analyse scientific publications
  • orally present scientific work of international scholars and of your own
  • write publications according to scientific standards
  • defend your work in front of peers and academic researchers
  • carry out scientific work in relation to specific research questions.
Studieavsnittets form 
  • active participation in the seminar
  • peer review and feedback (either written or oral or both, for example in terms of acting as opponent during discussions and presentations)
  • seminar presentations according to the setup of the seminar
  • final project report or master's thesis.
Tidigare studier eller kunskaper 
  • compulsory courses in the language technology study track
Rekommenderade valfria studier 
  • optional courses in language technology

The seminar consists of group meetings where we discuss

  • research questions and your selection of a project
  • relevant background literature
  • scientific work and writing with focus on the master's thesis
  • progress in individual projects
  • results and outcomes of individual projects.

During the seminar, students also take part in the HowULearn questionnaire aimed at MA students.

Studiematerial och litteratur 

Literature and material will be listed at the beginning of the seminar and additional material will be given throughout the course.

Aktiviteter och undervisningsmetoder som stöder lärandet 

Activities comprise mainly interactive seminars and discussions but may also include group work and individual meetings. Further activities may be organised according to the needs of the individual projects coordinated by the supervisors and  seminar teacher.

Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier 

Grading: Pass / Fail.

The following aspects are taken into account in grading

  • Performance and activity in the seminar
  • Independence of the work and the ability to plan and carry out scientific research
  • Ability to review and discuss external work and work by peers
  • Quality of the presentations and the final report.

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Funktioner Namn Typ sp Lärare Tid
anmälningstiden avslutad Language Technology Seminar  Seminarium  Jörg Tiedemann 
04.09.19 -16.10.19 ons 10.15-11.45
30.10.19 -11.12.19 ons 10.15-11.45
15.01.20 -26.02.20 ons 10.15-11.45
11.03.20 -08.04.20 ons 10.15-11.45
22.04.20ons 10.15-11.45

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