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TMED-917 Introduction to Systems Biology, 5 cr 
Code TMED-917  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Introduction to Systems Biology  Abbreviation Intro to System 
Scope5 cr   
TypeAdvanced studies
  GradingGeneral scale 
    Can be taken more than onceno
Unit Master's Programme in Translational Medicine 

Sampsa Hautaniemi 

Target group 

Students of the Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine, especially recommended for the study track Metabolic Disorders. The course is open also to MSc, MD and PhD students in the University of Helsinki.


Organized every second year (odd years) in May. Can be taken either the, first or second study year of the Master’s studies.

Learning outcomes 

The student should be able to understand and evaluate scientific articles that use mathematical modelling, develop a statistical experimental design, and use mathematics to model physiological or intra-cellular processes.

Completion methods 

Lecture, weekly exercises, project work


Basic skills in statistics and programming


Statistical experimental design, mathematical (quantitative/qualitative) modelling. Lectures 10 h, weekly exercises

Study materials and literature 

Lecture material, selected articles

Activities and teaching methods in support of learning 

Tutored exercise sessions and programming practicals

Assessment practices and criteria 

Weekly exercises (25%) and project work (75%). Grading scale 0–5.


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