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ECOM-441 Public Economics 2: Expenditure Policies, 5 sp 
Kod ECOM-441  Giltighet 01.08.2020 -
Namn Public Economics 2: Expenditure Policies  Förkortning Public Economic 
Omfattning5 sp   
UndervisningsformFördjupade studier
  BedömningAllmän skala 
    Kan genomföras flera gångernej
Ansvarig enhet Magisterprogrammet i ekonomi 

Jukka Pirttilä 


Master’s Programme in Economics. Open to other students as well.


Fourth period


The course is a continuation for Public Economics 1, focusing on the following areas:

  • Public provision of private and public goods
  • Correction of externalities and internalities
  • The design of social insurance policies, including unemployment insurance and disability insurance
  • Retirement and pension policies
  • Health care
  • Behavioural approaches to public policy

After the course, the student should know the material well and be able to use it in their own analytical work and research afterwards.

Studieavsnittets form 

In addition to lectures, students write a term paper during the course. The topic for the paper may also deal with the material in Public Economics 1. There will be a final exam.

Tidigare studier eller kunskaper 

Knowledge of the basic concepts of microeconomic theory. It is highly recommended that students first study the course Public Economics 1.

Rekommenderade valfria studier 

Knowledge of microeconometric tools would be an advantage.


This course covers key topics in modern public economics research, utilizing mainly theoretical but also empirical material. The course focuses on public spending policies.

Studiematerial och litteratur 

Given in the course

Aktiviteter och undervisningsmetoder som stöder lärandet 

All material related to the course is delivered through Moodle. It also contains a discussion forum where students can discuss issues related to the course with each other and the teacher.

Bedömningsmetoder och kriterier 

The course is graded on a scale from 0 (fail) to 5. The grade is an average of a term paper (40%) and final exam (60%).


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