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ECGS-700 Food and Sustainability, Study Module, 15-30 cr 
Code ECGS-700  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Food and Sustainability, Study Module  Abbreviation ECGS-700 
Scope15-30 cr   
TypeAdvanced studies
TypeStudy block/Line   
  GradingGeneral scale 
Unit Master's Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability 

Juha Helenius 
Hanna Tuomisto 

Target group 


Optional. Available by agreement to students in other programs.


1st and 2nd year of the MSc program

Learning outcomes 

The module consist of three mandatory courses and of elective courses.

Having completed the study module each student will

  • have a sound understanding of the structure and functioning of the food system from the perspective of sustainability,
  • be able to find and interpret research reports in which ecological efficiency, environmental impacts, or use of natural resources have been studied over the whole production and consumption cycle.
  • be able to produce a list or an illustration of key issues in all three dimensions – ecological, economic, and social - of sustainability in these systems.
  • be able to use conceptual frameworks such as sustainable food consumption, sustainable diet or sustainable livelihoods, to address the complexity of the challenge of sustainability in food systems

In addition to these competences and skills, each student will have had the opportunity to deepen her/his understanding of food as an issue of sustainability through the choices of elective courses.



BSc level degree in a relevant field or other applicable previous studies.


Compulsory courses (15 cr)

  • AGRI-222 Sustainable Food Systems, 5 cr (Juha Helenius), odd years
  • EDUM504 Sustainable Culinary Culture, 5 cr (Johanna Mäkelä, Mari Niva)
  • FOOD-401 European Food Safety, 5 cr (Marina Heinonen), even years

Elective courses (15 cr)

In field of economics:

  • EKM-105 Vastuullinen liiketoiminta elintarvikealalla, 5 cr (Leena Lankoski)
  • YET-212  Maatalous ja ympäristö, 5 cr (Markku Ollikainen), odd years
  • AGERE-002 Cost-Benefit Analysis, 5 cr (Chiara Lombardini), even years
  • EKM-103 Managing Innovation in Agrifood Value Chains for Sustainability, 5 cr (Bodo Steiner)

In field of food and crop sciences:

  • FOOD-701/AGRI-241 Food Crop Quality, 3 cr/Feed Crop Quality, 5 cr (Fred Stoddard), odd/even years
  • FOOD-110 Cereal and Pulse Ingredient Functionality, 2 cr (Tuula Sontag-Strohm) 
  • FOOD-402 Chemical Risk Factors, 5 cr (Velimatti Ollilainen)

In field of agroecology and plant production:

  • AGRI-221 Agroecology: Working with the Complexity of Farming Systems, 5 cr (Juha Helenius)
  • AGRI-201 Plant Production in the Tropics, 5 cr (Johanna Kolehmainen), odd years
  • AGRI-223 Literature in Agroecology of Food Systems, 5 cr (Juha Helenius)


Assessment practices and criteria 

Average of the course grades, weighed by courses’ credit points.

Responsible person 

Hanna Tuomisto


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