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ECGS-200 Consumer Citizens and Sustainability Transitions, Study Module, 15-30 cr 
Code ECGS-200  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Consumer Citizens and Sustainability Transitions, Study Module  Abbreviation ECGS-200 
Scope15-30 cr   
TypeAdvanced studies
TypeStudy block/Line   
  GradingGeneral scale 
Unit Master's Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability 

Minna Autio 
Eva-Karin Heiskanen 

Target group 

ECGS is in charge of this module. The module is also available for students in the Social Science Master’s program and students in Food Economy and Consumption


2nd year of Master's studies

Learning outcomes 

Having completed this module, students have the basic knowledge and skills enabling them to work as an expert in sustainable consumption in the public or private sector. They understand the research paradigms and main empirical research findings concerning sustainable consumption well enough to evaluate competing theoretical perspectives, critique research findings and critically assess policy proposals. They are able to structure and analyse policy, design and communications problems in sustainable consumption and to collect sensible primary and secondary data to inform solutions to these problems. They also have a conceptual and experiential understanding of different ways in which such problems can be framed. Additionally, students improve their practical research design, methods, data collection, writing and communication skills.


Students should have a good basic knowledge (corresponding to Bachelor’s degree) in an appropriate subject (social sciences, environmental sciences, economics, consumer and food studies). It is also recommended that students have completed the methodological courses in their Master’s subject


ECGS-201 Perspectives on sustainable consumption 5 cr

Optional. Choose at least 10 cr   
ECGS-202 Sociotechnical (re)construction of consumer society
ECGS-203 Sustainability in everyday life 5 cr
ECGS-204 Business in the natural environment 5 cr
FOR-111 Behavioural change and sustainability 5 cr
ME-007 Vastuullisuus metsäsektorilla 4 cr
EKM-105 Vastuullinen liiketoiminta elintarvikealalla 5 cr
EDUM504 Sustainable Culinary Culture 5 cr
SOSM-SP305 Käyttäytymisen muutos ja interventioiden suunnittelu 5 cr
ECGS-081  Analytical approaches to human environmental interaction 5 cr
ECGS-082 Kommunikation i hållbar utveckling 5 cr
ECGS-085 Imagination in environmental politics 5 cr
SOSM-YP302 Sustainable welfare 5 cr

Assessment practices and criteria 

weighted average of course grades

Responsible person 

Eva Heiskanen, Consumer Society Research Centre (Faculty of Social Science)


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