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ECGS-080 Environmental Policy and Economics, Study Module, 15-30 cr 
Code ECGS-080  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Environmental Policy and Economics, Study Module  Abbreviation ECGS-080 
Scope15-30 cr   
TypeAdvanced studies
TypeStudy block/Line   
  GradingGeneral scale 
Unit Master's Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability 

Janne Hukkinen 
Marko Lindroos 

Target group 

Environmental change and global sustainability (ECGS) master’s programme

Available for other students


Learning outcomes 

The module provides the students with skills to analyze the economic, policy and governance aspects of human environmental interactions and to propose economically viable transition policies toward sustainability. In particular, they can incorporate complex institutional, economic, socio-political, cognitive, ecological and technological factors in their interdisciplinary expert assessments and recommendations. Innovative learning environments – such as group work, case studies, problem sets, simulations, discussions, lectures and text production – prepare the students for the challenging real-life interactions that characterize contemporary environmental governance in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Recommended but not required: Introduction to environmental policy (5 cr) & Introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics (5 cr)


Compulsory (10 cr):

ECGS-081 Analytical approaches to human environmental interactions (formerly: 737110 Technology, society and environment) (5 cr) (Janne Hukkinen)

YET-208 Intermediate environmental economics (5 cr) OR AGERE-E03 Climate and energy policy (5 cr)


Optional (choose at least 5 cr):

ECGS-082 Communication and sustainable development 5 cr

ECGS-084 Environment, technology and culture 5 cr   

ECGS-085 Imagination in environmental politics 5 cr

ECGS-087 The politics of environmental knowledge 5 cr

SOSM-SP305 Käyttäytymisen muutos ja interventioiden suunnittelu 5 cr

SOSM-YP302 Sustainable welfare 5 cr

AGERE-011 Socio-cultural valuation methods for integrated landscape management 5 cr

AGERE-E01 Environmental Economics I: Theory 5 cr

AGERE-E02 Environmental Economics II: Mechanisms 5 cr

AGERE-E12 International Environmental Agreements related to marine areas and resources 5 cr

AGERE-E04 Advanced natural Resource Economics 5 cr

ON-R216 Environmental law, 5 cr

Global sustainability law

Assessment practices and criteria 

Weighted average

Responsible person 

Janne I. Hukkinen and Marko Lindroos


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