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94330, Belarus: its culture and identity construction (VUK180), 3 cr
Code 94330 Languages of instruction English
Name Belarus: its culture and identity construction (VUK180) Abbreviation Belarus: its culture 
Scope 3 cr  Unit Ukrainian Studies 
Form of study Lecture Course  Grading General scale 
Date 10.12.2012 -14.12.2012 Additional data  
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The course provides basic information on Belarusian culture and identity formation in comparison with Ukraine in each lecture. It will include a description of Belarusian culture, overview of identity approaches, similarities and differences in identity construction in two countries, as well as interrelation between identity and political behavior of people in Ukraine and Belarus. Additional focus will be done on European identity and using of identity in political sphere in two countries.

Responsible person 

Dr. Prof. Larissa Titarenko, Belarus State University, Department of Sociology (Minsk)

Other information 

Contact person: Ukraine Coordinator Laura Quist

Ukraine teaching programme: In English  In Finnish

In case you miss the registration deadline and you wish to participate, please contact the Ukraine Coordinator.

Ukraine lectures courses are open to all University of Helsinki degree and exchange students.

Study materials and literature 

Reading list and possible other material will be posted to Moodle (a virtual learning environment used at the University of Helsinki). Moodle site will be published in the beginning of the course. Ukraine Coordinator will send instructions how to log in for those who have registered for the course.


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Belarus: its culture and identity construction (VUK180) Jouni Järvinen
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