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400935, The Game of History (MKK351/Hhr360/Hyl214A/Hss213B), 5 op
Tunniste 400935 Opetuskielet englanti
Nimi The Game of History (MKK351/Hhr360/Hyl214A/Hss213B) Lyhenne HHR222 
Laajuus 5 op  Vastuuyksikkö Historia (opetus ruotsiksi) 
Opiskelumuoto Kurssi  Arvostelu Yleinen asteikko 
Aika 13.01.2017 -07.04.2017 Lisätietoja  
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Tietoja viimeksi muutettu 05.06.2019


Students must send the lecturer Derek Fewster a written application for any possible admission to the course. State your gaming experience, examples of recent "historizing" games you have played, how efficient a computer you can access during the course, if you already have access to video games of  possible interest, and which these games would be. Include a brief statement on why you think the course will be enlightening or useful for you. Keep your applications short and in free form, and use Oodi for the primary registration as well. The deadline for submitting the application is the same as for Oodi.

There is room for only twenty students in the course and by primarily only ten of these will be from the University of Helsinki, while the other ten will be from the digital design subjects of Aalto University. In case of a large number of applications, intermediate and advanced level students, students with History as their major, and students with a stated and specific need or necessity to take the course will be selected first from the first thirty Oodi registrations that have been made.

Because of the limited count of participants and large amount of gatherings and tuition, it is also of great importance that participating students are able to commit themselves fully to the course project. The two workshop blocks are compulsory for passing the course, as is a general attendance of minimum 80% of the whole course.


The course is a co-operation of the subjects of History (HU) and Game Design and production (Aalto University) and is meant as an introduction to understanding the weave of historical culture and game design. 

This course considers three aspects of the field. It will provide insight into

I. The cultural history of board and video games, especially as related to concepts found in modern historiography, game studies and game design,

II. Recognizing and interpreting historical culture and presence in modern video and table top games,

III. Analyzing, planning, producing, and understanding historical interpretations and representations in the world of games.

Participants will also be working in workshops and presenting plans and ideas for a possible game at the end of the course. More information on these additional full day workshops for 23.2.2017–24.2.2017 and 10.5.2017–12.5.2017 will be announced later.

The course does not as such deal with sports games, children's games, card games or gambling, but rather contemplates the researched historical contents in games, the choices made by the game designers, the possible educational aspects (conscious or not), the style and the ambience present, and the recent trends in video and table top games somehow displaying elements of historical recreation, rendition, or education.


Derek Fewster, Ylva Grufstedt, Miikka Junnila, Markus Reunanen.


Note: The course takes place at both campuses, moving between Helsinki and Espoo. The precise locations will be announced later; the course starts at the Helsinki location.

I will gladly answer questions before the course starts, derek.fewster@helsinki.fi . Use this same address for your written application.




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13.12.16 klo 00.00-
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The Game of History (MKK351/Hhr360/Hyl214A/Hss213B) Derek Fewster
Ylva Grufstedt
    pe 13.00-16.00 
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