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405361, Reading seminar on the writings of G.H. von Wright (FTE340.1a), 5 cr
Code 405361 Languages of instruction English
Name Reading seminar on the writings of G.H. von Wright (FTE340.1a) Abbreviation FTE340.1a 
Scope 5 cr  Unit Theoretical Philosophy 
Form of study Seminar  Grading General scale 
Date 18.09.2015 -11.12.2015 Additional data  
Teaching designed for
Data was last edited 11.06.2016

Target group 

Both undergraduate and graduate students.

The course can also be used as such for FTE340.2a and  FTE345a, doctoral studies or as agreed.


The reading seminar has a two-fold purpose: the first is to practise and train presentation and critical skills, the second is, through an overall picture of  von Wright's  work in various fields, to put the students in a better position to attend fruitfully the events that will be organized during 2016 to celebrate the centenary of his birth.


The precise content of the seminar will be agreed with the participants during the first meetings.


Each meeting will consist of one or two presentations by the students.  The assessment will take into account both the quality of the individual presentations and the level of participation through questions, comments and clarifications during the presentations given by others.

Study materials and literature 

A selection of the writings of G.H. von Wright, especially those in book form, to be agreed at the beginning of the seminar taking into account the students' interests.


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Reading seminar on the writings of G.H. von Wright (FTE340.1a) Sara Negri
    fri 10.00-12.00,  
    fri 10.00-12.00,  
    fri 10.00-12.00,  
    fri 10.00-12.00,  
    fri 10.00-12.00,  
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