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NEUBM-610, Big questions in neuroscience and current limits of knowledge, 1 cr
Code NEUBM-610 Languages of instruction English
Name Big questions in neuroscience and current limits of knowledge Abbreviation Big questions in neu 
Scope 1 cr  Unit Doctoral Programme in Brain and Mind 
Form of study Course  Grading General scale 
Date 02.09.2019 -29.04.2020 Additional data  
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Data was last edited 21.04.2020

Target group 

Students, doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, principal investigators.



Spring 2020 seminars

29.1. Jari Koistinaho (University of Helsinki): Astrocytes challenge neurons as the aristocrats of the human brain
4.3. Aarno Palotie (University of Helsinki): TBA
11.3. Mart Saarma (University of Helsinki): Can we develop disease-modifying treatment for neurodegenerative diseases?
15.4. Heikki Tanila (University of Eastern Finland): What is causing Alzheimer’s disease? POSTPONED TO FALL 2020
29.4. Anna-Elina Lehesjoki (Folkhälsan & University of Helsinki): POSTPONED TO FALL 2020


The seminar will continue about once a month. The dates, speakers and topics will be announced later.

Kindly fill in the registration e-form for each seminar you plan to attend so that we can estimate the headcount for coffee and sandwiches:


The previous presentations are available at the course Moodle page.

Responsible person 

Professor Iiris Hovatta

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Big questions in neuroscience and current limits of knowledge Katri Räikkönen-Talvitie
Aarno Palotie
Eija Kalso
Anna-Elina Lehesjoki
Iiris Hovatta
Jari Koistinaho
Mart Saarma
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