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MAT11006, Calculus IA: Limits and differentiation, 5 cr
Code MAT11006 Languages of instruction English
Name Calculus IA: Limits and differentiation Abbreviation Calculus IA: Li 
Scope 5 cr  Unit Bachelor's Programme in Mathematical Sciences 
Form of study Examinarium (electronic exam room)  Grading General scale 
Date 01.09.2020 -31.08.2021 Additional data  
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Data was last edited 01.09.2020

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You can pass some mathematics courses by taking an exam in the Electronic Exam Room. Reasons to participate in an exam in the Electronic Exam Room:

  • Failed course exam (in this case you should remember that your exercise points will not be counted when grading your work)
  • The course was not offered this semester, but you still would like to pass it
  • Two or more course exams overlap
  • Was absent from the course exam

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Examinarium (electronic exam room)  Teacher Date and location
17.10.17 klo 08.00-
21.12.12 klo 23.59
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Calculus IA: Limits and differentiation Matti Pauna