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CSM13181, Seminar on Cloud-based Mobile Networking, 5 cr
Code CSM13181 Languages of instruction English
Name Seminar on Cloud-based Mobile Networking Abbreviation Seminar on Cloud-bas 
Scope 5 cr  Unit Master's Programme in Computer Science 
Form of study Seminar  Grading General scale 
Date 05.09.2017 -12.12.2017 Additional data  
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Mobile and cloud computing convergence is shifting the way in which telecommunication architectures are designed, implemented and deployed. Cloud-aware approaches exploit the benefits of software-based virtualization on the fly to support the network through all its architectural components. Among the main benefits we can mention, saving energy and improving performance of end point devices and controlling data flow of the network to avoid congestion that degrades the performance of OTT (Over The Top) applications. The goal of this seminar is to explore the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud techniques for networking purposes. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile network architectures and evolution
  • Mobile offloading and hybrid approaches
  • Network traffic characterization and modeling
  • Cloud-based mobile data modeling
  • Network function virtualization
  • Cloud-based mobile data fusion
  • Sensing offloading in device-to-device communication 
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Seminar  Teacher Date and location
Seminar on Cloud-based Mobile Networking Huber Flores Macario
    tue 16.15-18.00 
    tue 16.15-18.00 

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