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582343, Clojure Programming, 2 cr
Code 582343 Languages of instruction English
Name Clojure Programming Abbreviation Clojure Program 
Scope 2 cr  Unit Department of Computer Science 
Form of study Lecture Course  Grading Pass-Fail 
Date 15.05.2017 -31.07.2017 Additional data  
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This is a completely independent study course (i.e. self-study course).

You can start any time, and complete the course any time. No lectures, no personal support. The course does have an IRC channel, #tktl-clojure in IRCnet, where you can chat with other students.

The aim is to learn the basics of functional programming with Clojure. The course consists of exercises done and returned remotely from your own computer.

Follow the material at

You get ECTS credits based on the number of exercises you complete. The number of exercises needed for a given amount of ECTS credits will be the following:

Honour Code: Do the programming tasks yourself; it is you who should be learning it!

When you have completed enough exercise points, contact for manual checkup of your work.  Please fill this after you have completed the course: 

Note: This is an open online course for everyone, but you can get the ECTS credits only if you have a valid study right at the Univ. of Helsinki.

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