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7329321, The Art of Getting Lost: Qualitative Methods in Urban Studies, 5 cr
Code 7329321 Languages of instruction English
Name The Art of Getting Lost: Qualitative Methods in Urban Studies Abbreviation The Art of Gett 
Scope 5 cr  Unit Social and Public Policy 
Form of study Lecture Course  Grading General scale 
Date 13.03.2017 -28.04.2017 Additional data  
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Target group 

REMS Master's programme students and Master's students in social and public policy, sociology and social psychology


Walter Benjamin describes at the beginning of Berlin Childhood around 1900 the experience of getting lost in the own city as something laborious, something which requires ‘some schooling’. Without a method, it would be impossible to overcome the routines of our movements, when walking around and the stereotyped images, when thinking about the city. The main aim of this course is to familiarize with qualitative methods of social research in the urban context. This will be achieved through frontal lectures and workshops. We will systematically address qualitative methods that urban scholars developed to approach the city as a field of research.


We will learn how to use interviews, participatory observation, focus groups, but also how to analyse policy documents, maps, academic articles and conference minutes. We will practice new ways to ‘look around’ and develop a scientific critical gaze towards the urban environment. Urban representations from the media and from the cultural sector will also be taken into account, we will learn how to gain a wider understanding of some urban phenomena through a picture, a film or a pop song. In addition, we will also address present and past researchers and research groups to understand their methods and their approaches towards the city.

Relations to other study units 

7REMS02 Qualitative methods

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The Art of Getting Lost: Qualitative Methods in Urban Studies Giacomo Botta
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