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7700716, New Literacies and Humanism in the 21 st Century, 5 op
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Nimi New Literacies and Humanism in the 21 st Century Lyhenne New Literacies 
Laajuus 5 op  Vastuuyksikkö Viestintä 
Opiskelumuoto Luentokurssi  Arvostelu Yleinen asteikko 
Aika 26.09.2011 -07.10.2011 Lisätietoja  
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26.9.-7.10.2011 every day

  • Mon 16-18, location: Unioninkatu 40, room 12
  • Tue 16-18, location: Unioninkatu 40, room 2
  • Wed 16-18, location: Unioninkatu 37, seminar room 4
  • Thu 16-18, location: Unioninkatu 35, lecture room
  • Fri 16-18, location: Unioninkatu 37, seminar room 4

Preregistration in WebOodi is required: 11.8.-9.9.2011. 40 students at the most will be accepted to the course. Priority is given to undergraduate exchange students of Journalism and Communication from SSKH and the Faculty of Social Sciences. If there is room other students (both undergraduate and master's level) can participate. Master's level students can take these courses as part of their free electives.

Sisältö  Developed for the era of globalization, when economic, political, financial and social challenges acquire global character, the concept of ‘new humanism', in which UNESCO intends to play its role to the full, aims at building a human community, where all are equally empowered to enjoy dignity and respect. Recent onrushing advent of digital media resulted in the appearance of new media and communication codes. In this new intellectual, semiotic and communicative context, media literacy, which integrates all other kinds of literacy and concerns all media, including television, film, radio and recorded music, the press, the Internet and any other digital communication technology, becomes one of the key prerequisites for the exercise of full, active citizenship.

In these lectures, media literacy - the capacity to access, analyse and evaluate the power of the images, sounds and messages and to communicate using the media competently - is regarded in terms of its potential for humanisation and fostering the new humanism in order to foster understanding and respect for cultural diversity, encourage intercultural dialogue, and overcome the depersonalising effects of mass technology. Adequate implementation of the proposed media literacy strategy should contribute to the education of new citizens and consolidation of the new culture of peace.
Suoritustavat  Lectures and dialogue.
Arviointi  Essay.
Vastuuhenkilö  Docent Tapio Varis.
Yhteydet muihin opintojaksoihin  Course can be registered for degree students under the study unit K9b OR M4b Media Research OR under postgraduate studies.
Lisätiedot  Course is organized in English, all coursework will be in English.
Oppimateriaali ja kirjallisuus 
  • J. M. Pérez Tornero & Tapio Varis: "Media Literacy and New Humanism"
  • UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, Moscow 2011
  • www.iite.unesco.org

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Ilm.aika päättynyt 11.08.11 klo 09.00-
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New Literacies and Humanism in the 21 st Century Tapio Varis