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403860, Katalonian kielisosiologia (RKA106), 3 op
Tunniste 403860 Opetuskielet englanti
Nimi Katalonian kielisosiologia (RKA106) Lyhenne RKA106 
Laajuus 3 op  Vastuuyksikkö Katalonialainen filologia 
Opiskelumuoto Kurssi  Arvostelu Yleinen asteikko 
Aika 12.03.2015 -30.04.2015 Lisätietoja  
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Kurssi on vapaa kaikille HY:n opiskelijoille: osallistujilta ei edellytetä katalaanin kielen taitoa.


Does officiality secure the future of a language? Does independence warrant
the presence of a language in all the social fields? In what ways can
multilingualism be organized? What kind of a relation can there be between language, nation
and state?

These questions, among others, will be discussed focusing on Catalan. Catalan is spoken by approximately 10 million speakers in four different European states. It is one of the twenty most used languages on the Internet; present in various fields and official in some regions. Despite that, in the Catalan speaking zone other languages are still more usual; a general feeling of language endangerment exists; some regional individuals and institutions disagree on the identity of the language; and some confusions arise from the limited scope of officiality.

Other contexts will also be considered, thus getting an approach to the most general concepts regarding society and language in a multilingual European context.

Initial structure:

1. Catalan context and general concepts on sociolinguistics

2. Language diversity, ideologies and attitudes

3. Languages in contact

4. Bilingualism and multilingualism

5. Substitution and language maintenance

6. Language policies and language laws

7. Language in different domains. Analysis




Attendance to course (10%) + 4 monitoring sheets (40%) + written reflection on the course (1-2 pages, 25%) + short oral presentation on a topic (25%)


Contact person: Lecturer joan.mut[a]helsinki.fi

Administrative aspects: johanna.ratia[a]helsinki.fi


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Katalonian kielisosiologia (RKA106) Joan Mut Munar
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