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Selected unit: University of Helsinki >  Faculty of Law

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             Doctoral Programme in Law, 2018-19 
             Oikeustieteellisen tiedekunnan opinto-opas, 2016-17...2019-20 
             Teaching in English in the Faculty of Law, 2018-19 
             Undervisning på svenska vid juridiska fakulteten, 2016-17...2019-20 
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                       Bachelor of Laws Degree Programme, Helsinki, 2018-19 
                       Oikeusnotaarin koulutusohjelma, Vaasa, 2018-19 
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                     Master's Programme in International Business Law  
                        Master's programme in International Business Law, 2018-19 
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                       Oikeustieteen maisterin koulutusohjelma, Helsinki, 2018-19 
                       Oikeustieteen maisterin koulutusohjelma, Vaasa, 2018-19 
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