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TMED-905 Medical Genetics and Epidemiology, 5 cr  
Code TMED-905  Validity 01.01.2017 -
Name Medical Genetics and Epidemiology  Abbreviation Medical Genetic 
Scope 5 cr  
TypeIntermediate studies
TypeStudy block/Line   
  GradingGeneral scale 
Unit Master's Programme in Translational Medicine 

Minna Pöyhönen 

Target group 

Compulsory in the Master’s Programme in Translational Medicine; for TRANSMED students only


First study year

Learning outcomes 

The student will be able to discuss multifactorial human diseases and their traits, and the genetic and epigenetic principles in cancer predisposition, autoimmunity and psychiatric diseases.  The student will understand the importance of ethical issues relating to the use of genetic information and procedures, and the clinical and molecular background of representative hereditary Mendelian, mitochondrial and chromosomal conditions. The student will be able to select the appropriate databases and tools to be used in genetic analysis and DNA testing.


The student will be able to describeand explain epidemiology and epidemiological concepts and use tools as PICO to read epidemiological articles. The student will also be able to critically discuss epidemiological article


TMED-904       ABCs of Medical Genetics (compulsory)

TMED-906       Epidemiology (compulsory)

Assessment practices and criteria 


Responsible person 

Minna Pöyhönen


Current and future instruction
No instruction in WebOodi

Future examinations
No examinations in WebOodi