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Degree structure


In addition, the new DPBM degree structure requires the following: 


See details in the DPBM degree structure. NB. See also the courses outside the degree 

Please note: the new degree structure applies to everyone who gain their study right after 1.8.2017. Doctoral candidates who have received their study right before this date have the option to graduate based on either the new or the old degree structure until end of July 2020. From 1.8.2020 onwards everyone will follow the new degree structure.

Please see rules for transition from the degree requirements of 2014–2017 to the curriculum of 2017–2020.


Please, follow the link below (Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (valid on 2017-2020) 2019-20 (40 op)) to see the DPBM course catalogue. By clicking the +-signs, you can see more detail contents.

Degree structures included in the catalogue

not selectedDoctoral Programme in Biomedicine (valid on 2017-2020) 2019-20 (40 cr) (draft)